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Howdy campers! Chris here (:iconronrebel:), sorry about the hiatus but the island has been busy with the new season and all.

Time for you next challenge. For this challenge you have to create un-official official TD Valentines using the couples on this list:

1. LeShawna and Harold
2. Duncan and Courtney
3. Lindsay and Tyler
4. Izzy and Owen
5. Geoff and Bridgette
6. Gwen and Trent
7. Duncan and Gwen
8. Alejandro and Heather
9. Zoey and Mike
10. Dakota and Sam
11. Jo and Brick

You have until February 24th. So good luck!

(P.S. Please try to have all your valentines in one deviation and you don't have to create one for all couples  (unless you want to), but please create more than 1 RonRebel)
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Random Info!

From now on campers, submit art to the correct folder or it will be DECLINED - Chris (:iconronrebel:)

Hey there, campers, the wonderful and amazing Chef Hatchet here, :iconhenehene: about to give you the low down on this here group!

Here at Camp Wawanakwa we plan to make a safe, friendly environment for our new campers this season. Unfortunately-with all the bears, snakes, bugs, home cooked meals, and brutality of other contestants-we fail miserably. But we hope you’ll enjoy your pathetic stay anyway.


Before I get started, I figure I should give ya'll the rules we'll be following on this island:

#1 - There will be no flaming at this campsite at any time! Do I make myself clear? If I see even one little spat I'll have your butt hauled down the Dock of Shame faster than you can say "I'm sorry Chef Hatchet!"
*Don’t flame the campsite, campers, or producers at all, Policy of Punishment will be used*

#2 - Only submit work that has to do with our campsite! The producers have been harpin’ on us to clean out the cabins for the new group of campers coming in. So if anyone of you sissies try to pass Jack Black dressed up as Gwen for art, you’ll find yourself on a one way trip on the Boat of Losers!
*Only submit art that pertains to the camp. We will not be accepting 6teen character in TDI style any longer. Policy of Punishment will be used*

#3 – Now I was a teen at one time, I remember young love. But that’s no reason to post a picture of what you did this weekend with your so-called “T.V. boyfriend.” I don’t wanna see it! Same goes for violence! Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you can shoot them in a bloody mess! If any ya’ll try and pull that, you will be eliminated!
*Nothing mature. This campsite will remain PG-13 at the worst. Policy of Punishment will be used*

#4 – We all love an active camper, but 107 posts is a little much to choke down all at once, and I should know about choking stuff down. Please, as a curtsey to your fellow teammates, don’t send in more than three posts a week. Do I make myself clear, solder?
*Don’t submit more that three (3) deviations in a week’s time. Our producers are very busy people. If you submit more, they will not be accepted. Policy of Punishment will be used*

#5 – Every once in a while, either Chris or I may feel the nerve tingling pleaser of giving you sissies a challenge. With every challenge there’ll be new rules for you to follow. Break the rules and you will be disqualified from the challenge!
*If you wish to participate in a challenge, please follow the rules. They’re there for a reason. Policy of Punishment will be used*


This is the Policy of Punishment we will be using:
*May not apply in all situations*

First Offence – Me or Chris’ goanna come after ya’ll!
*Strict warning and temporary campsite restrictions*

Second Offence - Ya’ll get to sit in the boathouse ‘till I decide to let ya out.
*Temporary ban from campsite, and or activities*

Third Offence - Oh now you’ve done it! Go ahead and walk down the Dock of Shame, to the Boat of Losers. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars.
*Permanent removal from campsite*

And remember campers, have fun.










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can i join huge total drama fan check out my page its full of fan art and fanfics even a fan made season called total drama cruise no copyright infringement intended its just for fun as a fan as well as the art i make
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